Class Offerings

We design all of our classes to be personalized experiences that reflect the needs of our students which is what makes us different. Our goal is to bring “real life” into the classroom rather than one of those “just-pay-and-then-you-are-certified” programs. We know that the ability to really save lives relies on three things:

  • Knowing WHAT to do
  • WHEN to do it and,
  • Why it needs to be YOU 

Another important difference about our class offerings is that we believe that it doesn’t matter how many people want to learn how to save someone else’s life at any given time. We set no class size minimums, so you won’t ever hear us say, “we don’t have enough students,” or, “we can’t afford to run this class” - when it comes to savings lives, we see it as a public service and not simply a way to make money. 

Our mission is to help everyone learn how to SAVE LIVES.

Knowing that accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, Basic and Advanced FIRST AID is our foundational and most comprehensive course. It includes both discussions and practical exercises on these important subjects:

  • An Overview of the Emergency Medical System (EMS)
  • Accident Scene Safety
  • Evaluating a Patient
  • Cardiac Emergencies
  • Choking
  • Sudden Illnesses
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Environmental Injuries and Illnesses
  • Safe Movement of Patients
  • Vehicle, Home, Workplace and Recreational Safety 

And yes, we know that there are other classes out there that proclaim to “save hearts.” As we are more interested in SAVING LIVES, we not only teach Basic and Advanced First Aid as a standalone class but, also integrate those concepts into every class we teach.

Adult Lifesaver Classes:

  • Basic Emergency Response (Basic and Advanced First Aid - 4 hours) 
  • Adult AED: (1 hour)
  • Adult CPR: (2 hours)
  • Adult First Aid and CPR (4.5 hours) 
  • Adult First Aid, CPR and AED (5 hours) 
  • Adult CPR and AED: (3 hours)

Adult and Pediatric (Child and Infant) Lifesaver Classes:

  • Adult and Pediatric CPR: (2.5 hours)
  • Adult and Pediatric CPR & AED: (3 hours)
  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR: (5 hours) 
  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED: (5.5 hours)  

Workplace Classes:

  • Medical Services-First Aid (OSHA 29 CFR Subpart K 1910.151 Compliant): (4 hours)
  • Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 Compliant): (1 hour) 
  • Confined Space Training (OSHA 29 CFR Subpart AA Compliant): (4 hours) 
  • Adult CPR/AED: (3 hours) 
  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR/AED (Schools and Daycare Centers): (5.5 hours) 
  • Health & Safety Program Design (with documentation) - Varies (based on complexity)
  • Exposure Control Plan Design (with documentation) - Varies (based on complexity) 

Yes, that is a lot of choices! Because we customize our courses around what people want to learn (or need to satisfy a workplace requirement), we offer more classes than any other organization in our area! Call our Customer Service Center at: 336-793-6572, TODAY to tell us what you need!

All of our Lifesaver classes are taught by an American Red Cross Certified Instructor and students who successfully complete all of the requirements in any of our Lifesaver classes will receive an American Red Cross 2-year certification card (available online within 24 hours). 

All of our Workplace classes are taught by an American Red Cross Certified Instructor and reflect the requirements of the OSHA-American Red Cross Alliance:

Students who successfully complete any of our Workplace classes will receive a Certificate of Completion (satisfies OSHA training requirements).

Additionally, if an employer wishes to schedule a class for one of his or her work teams (more than five employees), we will travel to the workplace and deliver the classes ON SITE so as to minimize employees’ time away from family.

For discount pricing, please contact us at: or call our Customer Service Center at: 336-793-6572 

Group Discounts are Always Available!